ms tanafjord

29th June 2008, 12:47
recently acquired large oil painting of this ship,scandinavian east africa line.
ms tanafjord [3] built 1956,would like info on this shipping line please.
regards brian

29th June 2008, 13:58

info on the ship for you.

Built 1956 by Lindholmens Gothenburg. Yard No1051.
Cargo vessel - Norwegian flag.
3832 tons - 6450 Dwt.
L129.1m x B16.5m.
Single screw diesel - 14.5 kts.
Name Change:
1974 Elpis.
Broken up Kaohsiung 24.10.79.

I do not have the history of the company. Someone will give you the history.


ian d.cameron
29th June 2008, 14:22
according to Shiplist, the Tanafjord was owned by Norwegian-America Line

29th June 2008, 15:34
I served in two ships in the company, one, the Topdalsfjord (2) a near sister, and I got a couple of books on the company, but there must be something on the web? Anyway, it was started in the National fervor after Norways seccession from Sweden in 1905. Two liners were contracted from Cammell Laird in 1910 and given the names Kristianiafjord and Bergensfjord, and the Fjord suffix were kept from then on. Aside from cross-Atlantic passenger liners, they had cargo liners on East Africa and the US East coast and the Great Lakes. It's today defunct. Simplon:
Search NAL and Norwegian America Line in the gallery. Regards, Stein.

29th June 2008, 19:12
thanks for info on this ship and line,picture posted by stein in gallery is almost identical,sister maybe."ranenfjord".must learn how to post pics.
thanks again,brian

23rd May 2011, 04:13
My father, who is 98 years old, has told me of his parents and his voyage on the SS Bergensfjord in 1915. He relates that the ship was captured by the Germans and held for a few days before being allowed to proceed. Why on earth would my grandparents have undertaken a trip during the war and active hostilities against ships and taken their two year old son with them? Anyone have any further information on the September 26, 1915 through October 8, 1915 sailing? I suppose it could have been on their way to Norway, but I can't find any information on their voyage then. I would think it would have been in August or early September 1915. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

23rd May 2011, 16:08
Goto where there are 4 photos of various Tanafjiord. in old ship picture galleries "T" Page 2