Eurodam to make Tyne Visit

Ian Charlton
29th June 2008, 14:41
According to the Shields Gazette (28th June) Holland Americas Eurodam will visit the Tyne on July 11th. No other details in the paper but should make a fine sight.

29th June 2008, 15:18
Hi Ian

Look the pictures I took of Eurodam in the Gallery and you may change your mind. Yes, she is heading your way. I was speaking to a woman yesterday who's son works on board.

As to whether she will make a fine sight or not. Well, just wait and see?!!.


Tony D
29th June 2008, 15:35
That thing is just butt ugly,looks like a set of 60s maisonetts stuck on top of a poo barge.
Can't stand the sight of modern cruise liners they have neither neat lines or any kind of aesthetic appeal,IMHO anyway.

Ian Charlton
29th June 2008, 15:36
Hi David, just checked out your photos and i agree she's not the prettiest thing on the water but i'll still check her out in the flesh, so to speak. I would imagine her size alone will draw a crowd as she must be one of the largest vessels to visit the Tyne for quite some time.

29th June 2008, 19:09

I also have photos from Eurodam in Rotterdam!
You can see them in my blog! Hope you like them!
best regards

29th June 2008, 23:43
EURODAM is due to be named in Rotterdam by the Queen of the Netherlands in the next couple of days. Externally she does look like any other new cruise ship but internally she is very nice with lots of Holland America Line memorabillia on board

30th June 2008, 08:30
Like all new cruise cruise ships she is bound to be nice inside. They don't build them for conventional looks or ocean travel these days meaning they are not such good sailors, certainly not the new ships I have been on anyway and list like the picture of her in the gallery listing while turning only slightly, but when it comes to luxury and facilities they are in a league of their own.