old ship pic's

25th June 2017, 15:05
I wonder does anyone know what has happened to a site that I have visited in the past called"old ship pictures, paintings and photos...?
I used it a while back to find pic's of some of my ex ships...but it seems to not be available now, or am I just being...old.

25th June 2017, 16:29
Disappeared some months ago some problems with members claiming copyrights and the like...may be able to enlighten you more later.


25th June 2017, 16:56
I found that site a great help when looking for ships on which my father and uncles had served. It will be a great loss if it does not return.

25th June 2017, 18:26
Photoship went down in November last year,the man who ran it for many years did sell off USB sticks of his stock photos at the time, I had heard rumours of a third party restart but as the problem was aggro from supposed copyright owners I doubt if it will reappear.

There are members of this Forum who did purchase the USB's...I think at 25 a go,which must have been excellent value.