La Palma

30th June 2008, 05:03
Hi, i invite eveyone to visit my blog and see the two beautifull ships one under reconstruction and the other is service!! One "Évora"" is Portuguese and is in service in Portugal, it is from 1931! and the other is from 1912 and are from Spain!

You can see them here:

best regards! I hope you enjoy them!

30th June 2008, 05:55
Very interesting site thank you

30th June 2008, 16:50
As above has said, an interesting site. The Company that Built the "La Palma" by the name of Harkness still exists although as I understand it in a much reduced form as they no longer build ships but are still involved in steam equipment both making and repairing, not sure as to whether they put one of their own engines in "La Palma" or used one of Blairs which had the peculiar feature in that to shut the main steam stops you turned them anti-clockwise due to a crosshead arrangement on the valve spindle (rather than direct) and a long tailed "mushroom valve".

1st July 2008, 08:31
According to my records her engines were built by MacColl and Pollock of Sunderland.

1st July 2008, 13:28
purserjuk, your records are most probably correct, it was just a guess on my part as Blairs were famous Boat/Enginebuilders at that time on the Tees.