Ex Royal Navy

Jack Glover
2nd July 2008, 16:27
(K) Hello everyone

K urgess
2nd July 2008, 16:50
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Jack.
Plenty of Grey Funnel lads in the crew so join in and enjoy the trip.

Steve Woodward
2nd July 2008, 17:02
Welcome to SN Jack, enjoy your time with us

2nd July 2008, 18:37
Greetings Jack and welcome to SN. Quite a few ex RN lads on board so feel at home (Ship). Bon voyage.

John Glover
2nd July 2008, 19:02
welcome aboard

3rd July 2008, 08:39
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all tjhis great site has top offer

3rd July 2008, 08:54
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

3rd July 2008, 09:36
Did not sail with the grey funnel line, but still welcome you aboard, enjoy the voyage. Terence Williams.

ed glover
3rd July 2008, 13:11
Welcome aboard enjoy the trip.

Ed Glover
Controlled drifting

3rd July 2008, 22:32
Welcome from Lancashire.

I see the Glover clan are getting it together! :)

I hope you will enjoy the site.



ed glover
4th July 2008, 16:27
One more Glover and we can have a game of cards.

Ed Glover
Controlled drifting

4th July 2008, 20:17
Welcome, fellow skate.