Reina del Mar

17th June 2005, 22:37
I have a couple of pictures of the Reina del Mar which I will post as soon as I figure out how this scanner works


julian anstis
18th June 2005, 09:57
Ron's your whizz kid to explain'll probably find him snoozing in the Batcave.

18th June 2005, 13:26
Hi ,You can see her in the thread of Pacific Steam Nav.
ciao from Italy

Old Se Dog
17th March 2019, 12:58
it seems there was a 2nd reina del mar ! any ideas this was shared to me - the last picture is - apparently of her just before she burnt out - however i cannot trace a name on her bow - its the x varna x ocean monarch x venus - not the union castle one

Stephen J. Card
17th March 2019, 15:08
OCEAN MONARCH, Furness Bermuda Line. Sold VARNA 1966

PSNC. Part of the Furness Group.


17th March 2019, 18:08
Stunning photo of her Stephen.