Vectis Isle

7th April 2004, 18:04
The first vessel in the Carisbrooke fleet was the VECTIS ISLE, which was owned and operated by the company's founder, Mark Croucher, until sold in 1971

tom hanley
19th December 2006, 08:23
Hi Ian,
I had the dubious honour of serving on the Vectis Isle along with it's owner Alf (Bob) Roberts in the early 60's. Bob sold his thames barge and bought it but did not understand engines. He needed an engineer, so I was it. Also doubled as mate deckhand and cook!! Had great fun though trying to cross the channel in gale force conditions at a max speed of approx.6 knots.
Many more tales to tell about that little girl........Regards Tom Hanley

24th March 2013, 18:25
bob was a character sailing barge man as you said scared of engines vectis isle
had a little gb bronz two stroke diesel in her skiboo