Hello everyone

4th July 2008, 18:17
Hello everybody, I was,nt a seaman, but sailed on the Lancashire from Liverpool to Hong kong in the fifties, and returned home on the Nevasa in 56, which gave rise to my interest in troopships in general from the war years through to when the government decided to stop using them in the sixties. I have so far collected pics of some three hundred and fifty ships used to troop servicemen all over the world. (Thumb)

K urgess
4th July 2008, 18:33
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Saiwanite.
Explore the ship, join in with the crew and enjoy the voyage.

4th July 2008, 23:00
Welcome from Lancashire.

I hope you will enjoy the site.



Steve Woodward
4th July 2008, 23:49
Welcome to SN from Suffolk, enjoy your time with us

5th July 2008, 00:20
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

5th July 2008, 00:50
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

5th July 2008, 10:51
Welcome Saiwanite and welcome from a member in the south of England. Bon voyage.