Hello to all

18th June 2005, 14:52
Hello to all
I am a retired Norwegian ships Master, I love to see nostalgic photos of all kind of ships, and interesting ships in particular, also all sea related things. I know there are a lot of experiences we have to share with each other. Looking forward to be a member here. Hope to see a lot of photos of by gone ships.

John Rogers
18th June 2005, 15:01
Welcome onboard. You will find this site to be one of the best on the cybernet.

julian anstis
18th June 2005, 15:19
Welcome Skip,

Nice to have you aboard, hope you can find enough nostalgia to keep you going on our site, and we look forward to hearing of your experiences.


Doug Rogers
19th June 2005, 03:21
Welcome aboard and look forward to your postings.