Carnival Splendor

6th July 2008, 19:54
Hi, today the new Carnival Cruise Lines ship Carnival Splendor make her first call in one inaugural cruise, in Portugal, and by the first time one ship from Carnival, in first cruise here!
Yu can see the photos in my blog At moment i already can't put photos here, but will to discover to do that, and then i put them here.
Please take a look in the blog photos from it. (also can traduce in top right, under main photo)

Hope you like!

6th July 2008, 23:12
Hope all is going OK on board her as I'm taking the crew (wife son /wife and grandkids on her first Baltic cruise next sunday,being of a certain age (old)I'm a bit biased against the new box type boats ,but will let you know how things go


8th July 2008, 09:52
Really the news ships are very diferent, from the old ships, but they are tryino to put a comercial centre inside the ship...
Can you find postcards from the ship? It's because i clollect them, if you can it will be very good!
Best regards