Fleetwood Nautical College

10th July 2008, 09:58
I am trying to track down those guys who took part in the General Cert. course at Fleetwood in 1970/1971. I lived in Wesham and travelled on the bus every day but a lot of my friends stayed in digs at Fleetwood. In particular I remember Chris Wandsworth, Roger McLeod (Chopper), Chris Lamb, Nick from Preston.

Glyn Lewis

10th July 2008, 22:49
a search will bring up a number of threads concerning FNC, Glyn.

28th February 2018, 15:27
David Strickland

7th March 2018, 01:22
I will like to pay tribute to my friend and classmate at FLeetwood Nautical College 1972-1976 and later 1982, PETER COOK, Master Mariner and aviator. Peter passed away last Christmas 2017. He was originally from Cumbria and was 63 years old. He went to sea in 1972 as a BP cadet. RIP