Shipping Lines of 1960

21st July 2017, 02:07
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I'm looking for some help to construct a list of shipping lines that would have offered passenger travel in 1960 on the UK - Gibraltar - Malta - Aden - Bombay route. I've been researching maps of the period, however they only show the route, not the shipping lines.
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Barrie Youde
21st July 2017, 08:26
Two which come to mind are Anchor Line of Glasgow and P & O/ Orient Line of London, although I'm not sure that either one would call regularly at Malta. They both carried large numbers of passengers.

There were other companies trading on the route and carrying up to twelve passengers at a time. Ellerman City Line and T&J Brocklebank were two others offering regular service on the route.

There were even more between Gibraltar and Aden.

Other major players on the route were Clan Line and British India Steamship Co.

21st July 2017, 08:42
Just about every British Liner/Cargo Liner companies(Aden was a bunker station) so any Ian Allen ABC book would do

21st July 2017, 09:39
Barrie is correct. During my time with Orient/P&O (1957 to 1970) Malta was a popular Med. cruise port, but regular calls were not made there.


Bob L
21st July 2017, 14:04
Until mid 1966 The Anchor Line had a scheduled monthly service with Caledonia, Cilicia and Circassia - accommodation for 300 Passengers - Port rotation was Liverpool, Gibraltar, Port Said, Aden, Karachi and Bombay ( now Mumbai ) - Homeward from Bombay, Karachi, Aden, Port Sudan, Port Said,
Limassol, Gibraltar and Liverpool - passages outward and homeward took 21 days each way.

Stephen J. Card
21st July 2017, 15:12
New book due out next month.

Handling Cargo 1950s 1960s by William Miller Jr.

MANGLA is used for the cover. Might be a nice little book.


Barrie Youde
21st July 2017, 15:48
#6 (

The outward passage from Liverpool began at 1600 on each monthly Saturday, passengers having been brought by train from London Euston aboard the Anchor Line Express to Liverpool Riverside Station, which was immediately adjacent to Liverpool Landing Stage. Passengers were under-cover, sheltered from the weather, all the way from Euston to Bombay.

6th September 2017, 11:12
The Ben Line sailed regularly to Aden and Far East