Sand Dart & Sand Gull

16th July 2008, 09:54
The Sand Dart grounded off St Alban's Head, was declared a TCL and purchased by Penfolds who refurbished her before trading her successfully for several years......does anybody have any information about the grounding?

The Sand Gull grounded off Ventor IOW and ( I think?) was scrapped as a result.....does anybody have any information about her end?


Tony Drury
2nd August 2009, 14:54
Not sure about the Gull. I was on her for a short time in March 86 and she was still going strong. I know she had grounded on Hurst Point (I know this because a Mate of mine was the driver).

The MAIB Annual report indicates Total Losses
Type of Vessel Sand Gull
Nature of Accident - Contact on 1/08/92
Length 53.01m
Age 28 years

Also from

"Grounded near Ventnor on 12th August 1992. Refloated and beached on 16th August, refloated again on 18th August and taken to Southampton. Moved to Marchwood on 11th October 1992 and subsequently scrapped"

So it seems she had a habit of beaching herself.

Nice ship though and very happy. We were operating out of Poole on 5 day week, capt used to picks us all up early Monday to make sure we made it to work. Then operated 5 days between Cowes, Pompey, Southampton and Poole. Was always difficult to get a cargo on Friday for some reason! clashing with I want to go home time!

Great therapy after deepsea.

22nd July 2013, 22:45
Thank You for that information; I always knew of her as "the Sand Dart"
Fantastic to find out about her reincarnation and what became of her.(==D)

7th July 2016, 08:33
I was lucky enough to sail on this fine vessel when on leave from others in the fleet - good bunch of people, great atmosphere. I was also lucky enough to sign off on the day before she "went aground"...

From what I remember we were involved in a beach fill off Ventnor. We would come in, pick up a long head and stern line that were permanently run to shore, then berth on a temporary island that had been built for the purpose. This island was shorter than the vessel and was fendered using rather large RSJ's with tyres. From what I heard from those there on the day after I got off, she came in as normal, picked up the lines, the "helpful" JCB driver stuck his shovel in the hold as normal to pull her in (he was the "tug"...) but at that time the headline either broke or was slipped, the head swung off the berth and she was heaved onto the end of an RSJ which penetrated the hull in the ER below the water line. Quick thinking, Master brought her inside the island and beached (she did not run aground). The rest is history! As to scrapping, I think the hull was re-incarnated somewhere as a small floating dock for small boats, using the open cargo hold and pumping system? Could be wrong. And it could still be around!!

7th July 2016, 08:42
Greetings tolo and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

8th July 2016, 22:45
The Dart youmentioned went aground at St Albyns head. I seem to recall she was salvaged, modified, and continued as the "Ron Woolaway" I recall seeing her alongside in Newhaven under that name.
I sailed on the Martin and star in the 60's.

Stevie B
9th July 2016, 20:15
The Sand Gull had two sisters, Lark and Tern, these were bigger than the Dart. After the Sand Dart grounded didn't she become the Arco Dart as well?. The Sand Snipe was a sister ship I think.

9th July 2016, 22:59
The Sand Dart became Pen Dart in 1964 then Arco Dart in 1973. Sold to Greek owners in 1978 and renamed Irini then Skorpios in 1989. Only broken up in the last couple of years. Her two near sisters were Sand Grebe, 1959 and Sand Snipe, 1961 J. Bolson, Poole.

Stevie B
11th July 2016, 20:23
That was it Sand Grebe, couldn't remember the name. Arco Dart was my first ship in 1973, joined in Littlehampton, that was an eye opener !!

14th July 2016, 13:46
Ron Woolaway was a different dredger altogether, billyboy, although she and Pen Dart both used the same berth at Newhaven - remember the 'coal wharf' on the West Quay?

Both ships can be classed as unlucky. Ron Woolaway capsized and was rescued by her sister ship Stan Woolaway and tugs. Righted and restored, she was fitted with large side sponsons to make her stable.

And after her incident as Sand Dart, the Pen Dart was nearly lost in almost hurricane force winds off Shoreham in February 1970. She lost power and was being driven towards shore. Shoreham's tug Kingston Buci couldn't help due to the conditions so Meeching was dispatched from Newhaven. At one point Meeching had to go into shallow water inside of Pen Dart, but managed to get a line aboard and tow her to safety.

15th July 2016, 02:20
Ah Yes I stand corrected then Andy Thanks. Yes I remember the coal wharf well. Moored up there many times. with the sand Martin and the Sans star.