Ships name

17th July 2008, 16:30
Hi, Has anyone any memories about a ship managed by denholms in the 70s called the sig ragni (i'm not sure if that is the correct spelling or even the correct name ) I was aboard her around 78/79 at anchor in colombia,she had been attacked by local pirates the night before and was carrying armed guards,I seem to remember there had been a bit of a firefight and some of the pirates had been shot,anyone got any info ..regards stevie

18th July 2008, 00:57
Steve, think it may have been Sig Ragna - recall the name but not the incident. Just looked her up on Miramar but there was no entry.

John T.

18th July 2008, 04:36
Sig Ragne

Skye Sierra
18th July 2008, 14:02
Hi Steve,

I did 6 months on the Ragne from January 1978, as 3rd mate I think. Walter? Swinburne was Master whilst I was there.
The Sig Ragne was owned by Liverpool Liners (their only ship I think) and managed by Denholms.
She was designed to operate way up the big rivers - Amazon, Congo etc and to be capable of self loading and discharge. She had her own forklifts which accessed the shore via watertight hull doors leading into the tween decks.
She was also very shallow drafted which made her a right pig in a big sea.
She was trading between West and South Africa and Japan whilst I was on her and though I don't remember going into Columbia we were bothered by pirates while anchored miles off the Nigerian coast and on the buoys at Apapa, Lagos.

18th July 2008, 22:36
Cheers Skye, thats her im sure tho i seem to remember she was painted an awful red wine colour,I think it was around july 79,we were alongside at Buenaventura and she was at anchor,we went out to her on a launch and the crew told us the previous night she had been boarded by some locals who had a bit of a battle with the armed guards,we had been at anchor ourselves for a few days before berthing and the mate had us hanging clusters and firehoses over the wall,thought it was a bit much at the time but i guess it proved his point!!I reckon that because we were carrying minning supplies and she was coming from Japan and a much better cargo they left us alone..regards Steve

18th July 2008, 23:06
Yes, correct name Sig Ragne, beneficial owner Aktiebolaget Ragne in Sweden. She was lying off Buenaventura with the local National Guard on board in quite large numbers when pirates boarded at about 2 in the morning.

I don't think the pirates had firepower, but the Guards certainly did, and opened fire with enthusiasm. They later claimed to have shot dead 10 of them, which we poo poo-ed a bit until they started floating up a few days later.

The local press proclaimed the number quite luridly later.

That was only bodies found and landed, there may have been more.

Most of us slept through it all, apart from the watch keepers.

I think most of it was through a thunderstorm, which were pretty common too.

Apparently there was some skuldruggery in the higher echelons of the guard, which led to the high numbers of armed guardsmen who knew the pirates were coming.

Best regards.