Jersey and Guernsey Fisher Sealink container ships

30th July 2017, 20:07
I have a General Arrangement Drawing (blueprint) dated December 1971 by NV Ysselwerf of Rotterdam of the Guernsey Fisher Sealink container ship. For some reason the name Guernsey has been overwritten in ink with Jersey.

Can anyone tell me about these ships, and whether the date might indicate if my drawing is of the Guernsey or Jersey Fisher?

Many thanks.

30th July 2017, 21:37
This ship was built as the 'Jersey Fisher'

30th July 2017, 21:41
This ship is the 'Guernsey Fisher'.

31st July 2017, 00:27
"Guernsey Fisher" and "Jersey Fisher" (both 1971, 829grt) were identical sister ships built for a new Portsmouth-Channel Isles cargo service of British Rail (Sealink) in conjunction with Commodore Shipping of Guernsey. The "Fisher" names came from the fact they were owned by James Fisher & Sons of Barrow and time-chartered to British Rail . When the Sealink-Commodore service was taken over by Commodore in 1977, "Guernsey Fisher" was returned to her owners and sold, while "Jersey Fisher" was chartered to Commodore and renamed "Commodore Challenger".

Mad Landsman
31st July 2017, 09:14
When one of these ships visited Weymouth on occasions in mid 70s I recall that it was painted in full Sealink livery.
I cannot remember which one it was or whether it was both of them.

2nd August 2017, 22:47
Many thanks to everyone for all the information and photos - very helpful as always.