P And O Smoking

Paul UK
24th July 2008, 19:08
Hi Everyone

Noted today that P And O are banning smoking on Ventura, Oceana and Artemis it will only be allowed on the Balconies and specific areas.

Being a none smoker I think this is great but then I would, however on all the cruises I have been on "chucking" the buts over the side is always frowned on as they can get sucked in and cause a fire, my qustion is by sending the smokers to their balconies like naughty children wont this increase the risk that they wont dispose of the butts properly.

Paul (Smoke)

24th July 2008, 21:26

You are quite right, this ban could cause a fire hazard chucking buts over the side. Passengers are told not to do this at the passenger drill, and no doubt there would be notices in balcony cabins and specific areas, but do everybody listen?. It only takes one person to ignore warnings and start a serious fire.

Health wise, smoking is of course the single most killer there is, but when it comes to cruise ships it is even more important that designated areas are found where other passengers are not affected, and fags not stubbed out properly not a problem such as plenty of ash trays etc. Open decks or balconies are not the place, and neither are cabins. The stink remains long after the passenger has left the ship. Many passengers complain of this or those in cabins or balconies next door.