MV formality

28th July 2008, 17:29

I sailed on MV Formality in 1969/70 anyone sailed on her or know anything about her.

non descript
28th July 2008, 18:29
Ranger, a warm welcome you and I am sure you will get some positive feed-back on the "Formality", in the meantime enjoy the Site and Bon Voyage

K urgess
28th July 2008, 18:39
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Ranger.
Plenty of the crew about that sailed on the "ity's" so you'll probably get some replies soon.
Find your way around the ship.
Enjoy the trip.

28th July 2008, 18:40
FORMALITY. Imo.6816396. CS GYNW. Flag. Gbr. Grt. 199. built 1968 by Clellands.Wallsend. Owner/Manager/ Bailey/Blair. ex EAU DE VIE. ex THAMESWOOD.

Steve Gray
28th July 2008, 18:42

I sailed on MV Formality in 1969/70 anyone sailed on her or know anything about her.

Hello Ranger, I joined the first of this class, Futurity, at Clelands on the Tyne shortly before her launch, the Formality followed close behind.

I really enjoyed my time on the Futurity and also with Everards, there are a few post on this site on these ships.

I hope you enjoy the site as it is the best on the internet.(Thumb)



Bruce Carson
28th July 2008, 18:51
Ranger, from Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
Good to have you onboard.


28th July 2008, 19:12
Greetings Ranger and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

29th July 2008, 06:04
Hi Ranger. Welcome to the site. I was A.b. on the Formality in 82, horrible little thing. We had a cargo of steel rods which decided to go walkabout in the hatch. Ended up like spaghetti. Dockers at Guness refused to touch it and we ended up on Southend pier to sort the mess out.Regards janathull

29th July 2008, 09:07
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

29th July 2008, 13:44
The Formality was one of a series of 400 tonne coasters to come from Clelands in the late 60s and early 70s, two for Everard (Futurity and Formality) and 4 for Tower Shipping (Tower Princess, Conquest, Duchess and Venture). In her latter years with Everard, the Formality was on a CoA transporting cement from Blue Circle's Northfleet works to the Isle of Wight, though she occasionally also ran cargoes of steel from ARA to Lovells Wharf, Greenwich or Pinns Wharf Barking before proceeding downriver to load for the Isle of Wight again.


29th July 2008, 15:37
I think I sailed as mate on the Formality for one trip while my regualr ship was in drydock, I have no record of this in my discharge book so I am not sure which one it was. I remember the Master was called John and always had his dog with him. A very well educated man who had failed his second mates due to eyesight.

Another well known Master of that class was Sid Barnes, a Falkland Islander.
Sid married a girl from Ipswich who was a travel writer. They went to the Falklands to live, Sid was in charge of a diesel plant for the Falklands electricity authority, one day Sid went for a walk along the cliffs, fell and was killed. I cannot remember the womans name but I read one of her books in the 1980's that told the whole story and life on board the Krista Dan as she returned to Ipswich. I could stand corrected regadrs the name of the ship she returned home on.

Steve Gray
30th July 2008, 12:56
Hi Robert, could the skipper be John Haig and his dog Penny?, John was skipper of the Futurity when I joined her whilst building at Clelands on the Tyne, he was a lovely bloke with an excellent sense of humour.
Regards, Steve.

30th July 2008, 14:11
Hi Steve
I cannot remember a lot of names untill my memory is jogged, I remember it was John Haig. I only done the one trip from UK to Rotterdam and back to Selby with grain. I remember Laying one night at a layby berth on the River Trent, again I cannot remember the name of the berth although I have been there many times. John took us all up to the pub near the end of the jetty for a meal, it was very generous of him as he was on the share system and I was still on tanker mates pay.
As you say John was a really nice man, where John went you would always find his dog.

Regards Robert

Steve Gray
30th July 2008, 14:20
Hi Robert, it sounds as if you were on the Futurity, I first met John when I went for an "interview" in a pub in Willington Quay just outside of Clelands, after a few pints (bought by John), the job was mine, not the way I expected things to go after working for Shaw Savill, on our first trip to Hartlepool to load coke for Terneuzen we arrived on the Friday night and John gave me the weekend off, when I arrived back on the Monday the fridge and everything in it had been stolen, after discharge in Terneuzen we sailed to Antwerp and played cricket in the hold whilst going up the Scheldt.
I wonder if John is still around?.
Regards, Steve.

30th July 2008, 21:34
Hi Steve
I don't knnow if John is still around nor where he went when Everards sold that particular class of ship.
I went back to Everards as Master in 1991, most of the Masters and Mates that I had known previously had gone, I was there until 1993 when they started getting rid of most of the cargo fleet.

Regards Robert

Steve Gray
30th July 2008, 22:37
Hi Robert,
Its been good chatting to you, I will post a photo of the Futurity when she left the Tyne on sea trials, I also have one somewhere of her stuck on the slipway on launch day.
Best wishes,

31st July 2008, 02:39
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

19th January 2016, 00:28

I sailed on MV Formality in 1969/70 anyone sailed on her or know anything about her.

i sailed on formality as 4th hand and then to 3rd hand. formality was 2yo then the skipper was henry golding that hailed from wisbech, mate was tony ewing and both were top notch. no cats, no dog, the only other skipper i know on that vessel was cpt mackey who was a relief skipper on two occasions. i was very happy on board that ship until some rough neck thug turned up from grimsby as mate to replace tony ewing.
cpt golding was a great fella and took lots of time to teach me my seamanship from engine room to radar and charts. sometimes there was long shifts but what can you expect from a four man crew? i don't recall the date i signed off but i seen out three hands and a mate.
i forgot to mention what a great time at the IOW music festival i had too

great memories from the formality(Thumb)