28th July 2008, 19:58
Anything more on the proposed reunion or has it died the death?

Tony Selman
28th July 2008, 20:56
Jim, I proposed a possible reunion some 2 years or so ago now and got a very good response from the board. The problem was that I could see that it was going to take a lot of organising and at that time I was still in business. I have subsequently retired and in theory I should have more time to apply to projects of this nature but that concept does not quite seem to have filtered down to the Mem Sahib just yet.

I am quite prepared to take this on but would like to mention at the start that I do not think it will be along quite such substantial lines as the last two events - which I did not attend but know quite a lot about. I have in mind something along the lines of the tried and tested formula for The Radio Officers' Association annual get together which runs something like:-

Get together on Friday evening for a casual meal and a good few jars and swinging the lamp.

Saturday at leisure with perhaps some form of nautical themed visit in the afternoon.

Saturday evening dinner and drinks at the chosen venue.

Disperse on Sunday.

When it was discussed before the general feeling that Liverpool, or Merseyside, for perhaps obvious reasons was most people's favourite venue.

As it happens I am currently undertaking a review of hotels in the area for the ROA AGM next year on Merseyside, most likely on the Wirral side. I can easily add a potential Brock's reunion into the plan.

For timing purposes if people are interested I am personally taking a Round the World trip for two months from February next year so that period is out and the ROA meeting is in May but it is quite feasible to have a possible Brock's reunion in early summer. I certainly do not mind doing some preliminary work if people are interested.



29th July 2008, 14:43
Sounds like an offer we cannot refuse.


Roger Bentley
29th July 2008, 19:03
Tony organised an excellent venue for the ROA AGM this year, but I know it involved a lot of hard work. I don't think we could expect one person to organise it all. I think all we should expect now is a similar type of programme as Tony has detailed.
To give some idea of numbers who might attend the ROA has 300 plus paid up members so there is a whole network of addresses to start with, yet down the years only around 45 to 50 people turn up and this includes wives. Its all down to anno domini (the average age of ROA members is in the late 60s through to the 80s) and the location of the particular reunion venue chosen. Plus these days the cost of it all.
Someone has to collate all the financial arrangements and collect the initial deposits required by most hotels these days. In the ROA this was done by the secratary and treasurer using specific proformas.
To start with we need to get some idea of who will attend and not just by a Brocklebank thread acknowledgement. I would expect we nowadays would only be looking at an attendance figure similar to the ROA.

The 2008 ROA AGM in Manchester was superb, and even though we could barely recognise where the docks and canal were it was still evocative.
Lamps were swinging late into the night!
Anyone willing to set up a reunion committee?
I'll have a go but would need support. Salaams, Roger

Tony Selman
29th July 2008, 19:28
Thanks for the input Roger. It will be quite hard work but I have learnt a lot in the process. It will need some form of more formalised structure because the ROA has funds that the Treasurer holds for situations just like this. As Roger says we will almost certainly have to make some form of deposit which requires individuals to commit because we cannot expect one person to pay up front. This does not seem unreasonable and well within our capability.

On the numbers front I need to trawl back through the historic posts on this board but I think we had well over 50 expressions of interest at that time.

I note that we have had 77 people read this thread but only two people other than Jim who started it and myself have responded. Can some of the other "readers" and vaguely interested parties give an initial indication please. Inclusion of Mem Sahibs will help if you think they are coming because it affects the balance of rooms in the hotel search.

I am going to restrict my search to Merseyside and Manchester otherwise it will be too difficult.

Let's hope we can get this one off the ground.

Stuart Smith
29th July 2008, 21:22
Count on me as a definite it would make my year.
Stuart Smith

29th July 2008, 21:50
If dates don't clash I am another definite.

Harry Nicholson
5th August 2008, 23:14
I'm very interested, would like to come, and bring wife. It would be good to have a small choice of dates for planning around.
Harry Nicholson

7th August 2008, 09:30
Re nautical theme on Sat. say, the Liverpool Nautical Research Society has good contacts with marine Museums etc in that area, and may be worth a tie up with them.