Blue Funnel Captains

chris pownall
17th August 2017, 06:48
Hello - I have been contacted by a lady in the USA named Kitty Tsui who claims that her Father was a Blue Funnel Captain sailing from Liverpool between 1956 & 1961.
Does anyone know whether Blue Funnel employed any Chinese captains?
Please reply to [email protected]
Regards - Chris R. Pownall former junior engineer on Talthybius in 1967

Barrie Youde
17th August 2017, 08:28
In 1960 I sailed with Nelson Tsui, who at the time was the Second Mate of Radnorshire, of Glen Line. I was a second-trip middy. How his career might have progressed thereafter I do not know, but certainly he was highly regarded by all who knew him.