Clan Line Ghost

2nd August 2008, 17:53
Hallo - I wonder if anyone can throw any light on something I read of some years ago about a ghost on a Clan line ship during WW2.

As far as I remember one of the Clan boats loaded a steel box (which later turned out to have a coffin inside) at Durban - I think the year was 1942 but not sure. On the way round to Capetown one of the engineers late at night was drinking a cup of tea on the afterdeck when he got into conversation with a female. He offered - thinking she was a passenger - to get her a cup of tea. When he returned she had gone - he thought she had turned in. This female was seen a number of times - including the look-out of the fo'castle who ran screaming back to the bridge and refushed to go fo'ard again.

The ship left Capetown and the female was seen a couple of more times before the old man came clean and told the crew that the steel box contained a coffin of a young girl who had died in Africa and that her parents - who were good friends of the Chairman of the company - asked the Chairman if he could arrange for her to be taken to England for burial. Apparently after the coffin was landed at Liverpool there was no more sighting of the ghoast.

Anyone who can throw any light on the matter - to either say it was fact or fiction - if fact more details would be appreciated - if not any idea on how the rumour started

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2nd August 2008, 21:14
I can't comment on the ghostly female, but I can remember a ghostly experience I had on the Perthshire. I was third mate on the 8 to 12 watch on a beautiful clear quiet night in the South Atlantic homeward bound from Capetown. At one bell (quarter to midnight) I went into the chartroom to write up the log and plot a DR position. While I was doing so, I was aware of the Seacunny (quartermaster) bringing the midnight tray into the chartroom and putting it on the settee. Having completed my end of watch tasks I turned around to pour myself a cup of tea only to discover that there was no tray there! Just then the Seacunny carried the tray into the chartroom saying "char sahib?". I can testify that the hair on the back of ones neck does stand up and prickle!!!