NZSC0 happy days, Otaio ++

28th August 2017, 04:21
This is Ian Murray. Joined Otaio voy 10, in 1962 as deck cadet. Wonderful experience and so many happy memories. Would enjoy hearing from anyone of that era and share stories. Been living in NZ since 1973.

jg grant
28th August 2017, 11:22
Hello and welcome from Havelock North. My drinking mate at the Occidental in Vulcan lane Auckland in the early eighties was ex engineer Andy Hopkins who sailed on the Otaio but I don't know the time frame. Andy has since crossed the bar. Hope you enjoy the site.

3rd September 2017, 13:06

Good to hear from you and happy we have kept in touch over all these years. I agree we had a wonderful time on the Otaio.

The other cadets on our trip:

I saw Jim Kinnear and Mike Sutherland some two years ago; Mike updated me on Tosh Kane; I see Rick Newnham on Facebook; lost touch with Pete Massey and Chris Hanwell. Pete is last shown in the May 1968 Crossed Flags as Third Mate on the Huntingdon; Chris is last shown in the May 1967 Crossed Flags as J/3/O on the Wharanui (Mike has mentioned he saw him in command of some vessel more recently but my memory fails me). Maybe someone on this site will know a bit more.

This is an excellent site, Ian, and I do enjoy going through it.

Facebook has a sub-group for the New Zealand Shipping Company Association and it is very good also. Suggest you get yourself onto that as well.