Information on the MV Vancouver City

6th August 2008, 19:49
Hello everyone!

First of all let me say this is a great forum with fantastic information.

I have joined in the hope that I can find a photograph on the MV Vancouver City (especially from 1944-1945). My Grandad George Arthur White served onboard as the ships Carpenter from the dates 23/08/1944 to 14/08/1945 in the Merchant Navy during WII.

I am tracing my Grandads WWII Merchant Navy record and would very much like to find a photograph of the MV Vancouver City.

If anyone has a photograph or internet link or knows of on, I would be most grateful.

Again let me say a great a forum.
Thanks in advance for any useful information.

With kind regards
Paul Milligan..

Bruce Carson
6th August 2008, 20:12
Paul, from Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
I took a quick look but all I could find was a later ship of that name.
Chances are at least one of our members will have better luck.


K urgess
6th August 2008, 20:16
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Paul.
I'm sure someone in the crew will be able to help if there's a picture about.
Enjoy the voyage.

ian d.cameron
6th August 2008, 20:26
Hi Paul
A photo of the 1942 built Vancouver City from the Allen Collection

6th August 2008, 23:14
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

6th August 2008, 23:56
Welcome from Lancashire.

I hope you will enjoy the site.



bert thompson
7th August 2008, 07:54
Welcome Paul
See you are already getting assistance.
Enjoy this great site
Best wishes

7th August 2008, 10:35
Greetings Paul and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

7th August 2008, 14:45

Thanks for your wonderful greeting to this forum.
I can not believe how much information there is available here, its fantastic!

Thanks again for your warm welcome and specifically to Ian Cameron for his very useful links.

Keep the info flowing if you happen to find anything useful.
All the best & kind regards
Paul M..

ian d.cameron
7th August 2008, 20:38
Hi Paul, I donít know what info you have already, but maybe this will be useful.
VANCOUVER CITY Official Number 165862
There is a list of her convoys here. Just click ship search.

If you want more details of her movements for the period your Granddad was on her, look in here.
Request This, Digital Express. Jpeg, Gold Service.
Records will be sent to your computer within 24 hours, ten images £8.50
Just ask for: The Movement Cards for VANCOUVER CITY Official Number 165862 covering the dates 23/08/1944 to 14/08/1945

8th August 2008, 07:57
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

8th August 2008, 09:34
Just sighted yours re Vancouver City. I have a pretty good photo which I will email. Pse give me your address by private message
John Cann

8th August 2008, 17:59

Many thanks for that Conveyweb link. Wow I have managed to find all of the official convoy and independent convoy trips the Vancouver City did.

I am now researching his previous ship the SS Inventor.

I have also asked for a copy of my grandads merchant navy service record from the National Archives, unfortunately they cannot send it electronically as it has fingerprint records and NI number. Therefore I have ordered paper copies with this blanked out but it will take 10 days for them to quote the order. Hopefully I should have this in the next month or so.

Again thanks for your warm welcomes and your help especially you Ian, much appreciated!

Kind regards
Paul M..

ian d.cameron
8th August 2008, 19:33
Your welcome Paul, theres is always someone on here to help if they can.
Some info on the Inventor.

22nd December 2012, 20:48
Just a bit of infor but my dad was chief engineer on the Vancouver city at that time. I too would like to see a picture or even find out some information on the type of vessel and work loads it carried etc. unfortunately my dad passed away this summer, hence I have found his discharge/continuous service book. There is a mention of the Vancouver city being involved in special ops which I am assuming is the d day landings as dad said he was a part of it but wouldn't ever talk about it in much detail.