Hi to everyone

2nd September 2017, 19:46
I am trying to help my father trace the ships he boarded during WW2, now all I have to do is work out how to post the question

Roger Griffiths
2nd September 2017, 20:29
Hello and welcome to the forum.
You do not say which nationality or what service your father served in.
If he was British and served on British or Allied merchant ships during WW2, just give us his full name, date and place of birth.


jg grant
3rd September 2017, 11:39
Hello and welcome from New Zealand. As has been posted tell us what you can about your father and there is so much knowledge on this site I'm sure someone can help you .

3rd September 2017, 20:17
Hi Roger and thank you for replying. My father is looking a boat he boarded between 1946 and 1947, he said it was French, and carried troops and was possibly a steamer. The name he is giving is the Captaran but this may be spelt or pronunced wrongly. He boarded it from Bombay to Rangoon, probably in 1947

He was interested in details on the ship, and what happened to her.

He has managed to find some information on the HMT Nervasa, which he boarded from Burma to Southampton in 1947, but anything on this too would be appreciated.

Roger Griffiths
4th September 2017, 19:11
Hello again,
I think the vessel you may be searching for is CAP TOURANE. She only ever made one trip Bombay-Rangoon Sailed 30/December/1945. Arrived 9/January/1946. Looks like this was her last trooping voyage. She finely arrived Glasgow 13/April/1946 via Calcutta, Columbo, Aden and Port Said. A google search using SS Cap Tourane will give you other details of her career.
NEVASA only made one voyage Rangoon-Southampton in 1946/47
Sailed 11/ October/1947. Arrived 11/December/1947.


4th September 2017, 23:21
Hi Roger,

Thats brilliant, how on earth did you figure out the name. Not only does this give my father the information he needs but it also tells him the exact dates he left Rangoon and arrived in Southampton, he knew when he arrived back home but has not been sure of his return date for the past 70 years, thank you so much for your help.

Also thanks to jg grant.