Union Rotorua and Rotoiti

Ben Boat Jim
10th August 2008, 00:38
I sailed on the Union Rotorua and Rotoiti several times.
Can anyone tell me what happened to them both after they left the Kiwi Coast?
Regards Jim Morrison.

John Crossland
10th August 2008, 02:51
Hi Jim,

Union Rotorua.
1998 Sold and renamed Rotorua
1999 Feb.1st broken up Alang.

Union Rotoiti.
1999 Sold and renamed Rotoiti
2005 Renamed CP Rotoiti
2006 Renamed Rotoiti
2006 Renamed Gulf Strait
2006 Renamed Ulf
2006 Dec.25th Chittagong
2007 Jan.5th beached

10th August 2008, 08:50
Hi John.
I dont have any of that info. I came ashore and moved to OZ 1970, But I'm sure 3 ex shipmates were on them about the same time as you.Ted Dony and Mike Wilson, AB's, both A few years older than me and John Hartley(the beard)AB about my age. Im now 63.
Do you know of them?

10th August 2008, 23:59
I sailed with John (the baptist) Hartley in 2001 on the rotoiti, he was bosun and a very good all round fellow.

Jan Hendrik
11th August 2008, 06:25
Don,t understand why a new thread has been started again.
This same subject has been dealt with at 4 other occasions in this SAME thread, go to pages 2, 3 and 4 and you can read all about it.
It might be an idea that a moderator puts these postings altogether under the one and only thread.

Unfortunately the search engine is not being used either as that is an excellent tool on this forum.
We now seem to repeat the same over and over again.

Ben Boat Jim
13th August 2008, 02:17
Thanks for the info on the demise of the two ro-ro's. I did not know the question had been asked before, as I am not too clued up computer wise yet' but in future will search the site prior to posting.
Regards Jim Morrison