Poem To An Engineer

12th August 2008, 22:50

I have a small problem tracing a ship, a family member who was a first engineer had a poem written to him and signed by a Margaret Seton Cambell on the 14th September 1934, it is writton on J&C Harrison Ltd headed note paper and the ships name is written by hand and looks like the "SS Haillebury" the 2 "LL" in the spelling could be "hl" or "H because they are looped together which makes it difficult to distingwish so I am hoping some one might recognise the name so I can trace it's history and maybe find a photograph to put into my records.

Also it would be interesting to find out who Margaret Seton Cambell was, anyway I hope some one can help with this mystery



12th August 2008, 23:11
I can't find any reference to a ship of the name you mention or variations thereof but Harrisons had one called Harbury. Check out the Allen Collection and go to the Harrisons section (see link below).

13th August 2008, 04:16
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David Davies
13th August 2008, 06:38
Welcome to the site, All J&C Harrison's ships had names beginning with the letters HAR i.e. Hartington, Harpagon, Harmaton etc

David Davies
13th August 2008, 07:19
J&C Harrison, Company poem and song to an Engineer, Can't remember it all, only the beginning:-

For years aboard the Hartlepool old chiefy ruled supreme
Dear old ------- ------- was the Merchant Navy's cream
He'd ruined the life of many a mate that didn't suit the plan
And then aboard the Har----- he sort to try his hand

To influence this wicked man a deucer ombre came
A man with a dispensation ------- ------was his name
He had a warped and twisted mind, mates he couldn't stand
So that is why they sent for him to give old George a hand

Oft in the evening twilight on No 4 they'd sit
Dreaming of the byegone days when engineers were ----
But now in Messrs Harrisons the wheels had turned around
Fortune smiles upon them and a paradise they've found.

As a song it was sung to the tune of a well known folk song .
Maynot be quite appropriate, but I can't resist the temptation, no offence to any one intended

bert thompson
13th August 2008, 07:21
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13th August 2008, 09:37
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Bruce Carson
13th August 2008, 13:06
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13th August 2008, 17:56
Hi All

thanks for all your replies, and good wishes, can't understand why there is record for the ship.

thanks again


13th August 2008, 18:14
It might be worth scanning the section with the ship's name on and posting it here. Perhaps we can come up with a better interpretation of the name between us?

13th August 2008, 23:30
not sure if I have this attachment thing right, hope it comes through


David Davies
14th August 2008, 14:16
The J&C Harrison ship is the SS Hartlebury GT 5082 tons, built 1934 Lithgows,Port Glasgow. She was lost 7th July 1942 in the PQ17 convoy to Russia, there were only 7 survivors from the ship. The J&C Harrison stamp on the postcard illustrates the company house flag , an arm rising out of the sea clutching a broken spear with the company motto "Persevere"
David D

See the gallery posting

14th August 2008, 17:13
Hi David.

that is brilliant, thanks for going to all the trouble to track down the information, I have put various spellings on ship name sites and always come up with a blank so I do appreciate you finding it for me, I can now finish that chapter in my family story.

thanks again


15th August 2008, 04:52
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