Saying hello

7th September 2017, 21:50

My name is Mark

Joined the forum as I am trying to research the history of my deceased father-in-law. He was called Cyril Dixon, he died 24 years ago but serviced in the merchant navy between 20th Nov 1944 to his discharge in 1954.

I have a very full history including his seaman's record and a fair amount of photos and papers.

What I am trying to do is to complete a history of his service across the many ships that he was on.

I found the site as I found a picture of his first ship - the Empire Pibroch

Hopefully I can track down the rest

I am also trying to find out if he was entitled to any WW2 service medals as my wife was sure that he never had any


jg grant
7th September 2017, 23:57
Hello and welcome from NZ. Lots of clued up people on this site to help you. Can you post his service record,ships names etc.,. Regards