just to introduce myself- I'm Paulaanne

13th August 2008, 23:32

I am new, found site through google, am hoping to find out about some old ships
which my grandfather sailed on between 1911-8 when he was presumed drowned after his ship was torpedoed. Am off to explore t to see if I can find relevant threads!(Wave)

non descript
13th August 2008, 23:34
Paulaanne, a warm welcome to you on your first posting. Thank you for joining the community and if you need any help, just ask; enjoy the site and all it has to offer, and we very much look forward to your postings. Bon Voyage

13th August 2008, 23:37
Welcome from Lancashire.

I am sure we will help you if we can - but will need some information to go on. Do you have the names of the ships for example?

Enjoy the site - there is plenty to see here!

13th August 2008, 23:50
I am working my way back from the Dwinsk (Torpedoed 18th June 1918)
he sailed on well known ocean liners in 1917 and 18. (Mauretania, Carpathia and Olympic) I have managed to find out quite a bit about them. and the Dwinsk. Before the Olympic, he was on a small steam boat called the Agnes Ellen and prior to that the Thelma. It's these last two ships I now want to find out about. If anyone knows where I should look I would be grateful

13th August 2008, 23:58
Welcome aboard from the Philippines Paulaanne. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

14th August 2008, 00:13
Thank you for the welcomes billyboy, Tonga and benjidog

Gavin Gait
14th August 2008, 00:26
Welcome aboard from the NE of Scotland

Agnes Ellen info : http://www.miramarshipindex.org.nz/ship/show/302962
Photo on here : https://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=47250

Thelma is a bit difficult got a few prospective vessels

Dwinsk : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Dwinsk

14th August 2008, 01:05
Thank you Davie I shall explore those sites

14th August 2008, 01:15
Thank you Davie I shall explore those sites

WOW - the picture of the Agnes Ellen.

Thelma - my guess would be 0118065 - because of location- My grandfather lived in Liverpool

Thank you again:)

bert thompson
14th August 2008, 09:23
Welcome Paulaanne and so pleased that your searches are bearing results already
Best wishes

14th August 2008, 11:16
Thank you Bert

Bruce Carson
14th August 2008, 14:14
Paulaanne, from Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
Good to have you onboard.
As usual, our members are coming through with the needed information.


15th August 2008, 04:52
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

15th August 2008, 14:37
Paulaanne welcome to SN. Ask a question and up pops an answer. Bon voyage.

15th August 2008, 17:22
Paulaanne, welcome to the Ship. I feel I must warn you that it is Obsessive and at times questions can be answered even before you ask them. Good luck with your research and never hesitate to ask a question, somebody out there will either know or be able to find the information...................pete