Jack-Up Barge "Wind"

15th August 2008, 22:47
Does anyone have information on the self-propelled jack-up barge "Wind". I've seen it lying alongside in Barrow this week, but unfortunately not had the time to investigate further.

She has a logo on the superstructure with the letters "D B B" arranged in a circle. Obviously googling "Wind" throws up a rather large range of interpretations. Other searches have shown a couple of oblique references to her activities (mainly wind farm related) but no references to owners, builders etc. Any info gratefully received.

non descript
15th August 2008, 22:58
she is working Npower as in this reference here (http://www.npower-renewables.com/northhoyle/cd_3.asp) amd the owners of the jack-up with DBB on it are Dansk Bjergning og Bugsering - more on them can be found here (http://www.dbbsalvage.dk/)

15th August 2008, 23:10
Thanks for that Tonga. I'd seen the npower reference and unfortunately the "dbbsalvage" site doesn't seem to provide any details of this particular unit.

Incidentally, I worked with "Samson" of this company earlier this year. Interesting that they were allowed (by Danish law presumably) to operate with much of their rigging gear uncertified! It didn't affect our operations but it was quite an eye-opener!

15th August 2008, 23:22
she is here in Barrow for yearly maintenance schedule for the Wind farm project............


hope this helps Geoff

15th August 2008, 23:28
Picture of her in Mount's Bay, in my gallery, by the way.