Regards to all ex-R/O's

16th August 2008, 03:01
aug 15th 2008

regards to all ex-R/O's of the Merchant Navy from anywhere in the world.
With nostalgia from an ex-R/O who sailed between 1967 and 1993.

Bruce Carson
16th August 2008, 03:20
From Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
We are fortunate in having a large and active group of ex Sparkies as members.
It won't take you long to feel at home here.


16th August 2008, 05:46
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

bert thompson
16th August 2008, 08:45
Welcome from yet another ex. Guess we are all ex these days
Enjoy this wonderful site and all it offers
Best wishes

K urgess
16th August 2008, 12:03
Welcome aboard.
We have a well manned radio room and a friendly crew to swap experiences with.
Find your way around the ship, join in and enjoy the voyage.

16th August 2008, 13:04
Welcome Charesai,
Lots of friendly ex R/O's at SN, join in the banter and exchange experiences, its a lot of fun.

16th August 2008, 15:46
Welcome to Ships Nostalgia, a wonderful site, and as per previous messages,
you will find lots of ex R/O's here, also lots of photo's and information.
You've signed different articles now with a good crew.
Best wishes

16th August 2008, 16:23
Welcome Charesai to SN. Enjoy the site and bon voyage.

16th August 2008, 19:55
I sailed as a 'Sparks' in 1953/54 on the Ellerman Papayani line's Algerian and Palm Line's Ashanti Palm. Am presently retired but working on the Empire Sandy, three masted topsail schooner out of Toronto. What are you doing these days?/