Leith Nautical college 74 intake

24th August 2008, 20:33
Hi , a new member here who arrived as a very green engineer cadet at the Seamans mission on Tower place on 7th September 74 to start at the college on the following day.

Must say it was the start of the probably the best 2 years of my life , met some great lads , Mike Burnett , Al Blamford , Ian Hood , Andy Fairclough , Al Stewart ( passed away unfortunately) , Neil Campbell (Chorley) , Doug Humphries , Keith Holliday ,Neil West ,Mike Patterson , plus many many others.

Also some great lecturers , Messrs Purcell , Hole , Atherton , Campbell come to mind.
Our second year we stayed in the Lochewe hotel up in Royal Terrace , closer to the bright lights of Edinburgh and again brilliant times were had by all. Sometimes wonder how we ever passed any exams!

I could go on and on but interested to hear from anyone who remembers the College in 1974 and stayed in the Mission , can you believe it is the Malmaison hotel now...? Al Blamford and I shared a room on the top floor in the right hand side "turrett" when you look at the front of the hotel , probably costs 400 / night there now and none of Frank the cooks lovely egg sandwiches in the morning either.

Best of luck to all ,....Doug

ian a hood
6th March 2013, 17:02
Hi Dougie,

I just posted a similar request and your popped up..... yours is a lot more detailed. Did you get any replies from it.

Regards, Ian Hood

jg grant
9th March 2013, 09:28
Hi Ian and others, I fronted up to Captain Fisher in 1956 and said I waned to be an engineer. He told me to go to the Dolpnin because,'we don't do engineering here.'Four months later I was peeling spuds on a tramp steamship heading for Philadelphia. No worries mate but can you explain. Regards from sunny NZ Ronnie.

31st August 2016, 15:37
Hello to all!
I would love to know if any of my old sea mates are still around today that attended the Dolphin my name is Robert Montgomery some called me Bob or Monty it would be great if any of you remember me.I will need to find some of the old photos and post them on this site.
Hope to hear from anyone that remembers the old TS Dolphin in Leith Docks.

31st August 2016, 22:59
Did my pre-sea training there in 1952 and was rowing one of the whalers up and down the old East and West docks . When we secured and got on board the "Dolphin" we were told that the King had died. February 6th 1952 as it was my birthday