It takes all kinds (thank goodness)

7th October 2017, 16:08
Woke up this morning wondering if there was a website dedicated to model rocketeers, some kind of random thought series related to nothing at all, but perhaps a dream, but then I ended up stumbling upon this website for a different totally random 'no reason at all'.

Having said that I have a question for you: Does anyone remember the 'Palau Islander'? It was a small freighter I once took a ride on in the mid-1960's. I was just a little boy and me mum sent me on a long ocean voyage from Guam to Yap and then to Palau. I went in the care of a student from what were then called the Trust Territories.
My first and best ever ocean voyage (haha, have only been on two others, MS Taiwan from ROC to HKG, and some kind of ferry/freighter from Manila to Zamboanga and Cebu) I'm older and nostalgic, wondering if I can do another one, perhaps to yap and palau again....who knows....any suggestions?

7th October 2017, 16:18
via a rocket from North Korea(Hippy)