Photo's please

Steve Gray
2nd July 2005, 21:41

Has anyone out there got any photo's of Rowbothams MV Wheelsman (67)and Everards. MV Futurity (68).

I would love to see a good photo of my old ships probably now departed.

Many thanks,

Steve. (egg)

Bob S
3rd July 2005, 17:14
WHEELSMAN outward bound passing Tilbury in November 1984. I have another one of her in older funnel colours, I'll post it when I find it.

Operated by Christopher Rowbotham, built 1967 and 2800 tons.

Bob S
3rd July 2005, 17:44
In an earlier guise.

Steve Gray
3rd July 2005, 19:47
Dear Bob,

Many thanks for your photo's they bring back lots of happy memories, I joined her whilst fitting out at Clelands on the Tyne in 67, I know that when Rowbothams sold her she changed her name to Eelsman and transferred to the Med I think.


18th October 2005, 06:01
Would be interested in photo's of any Rowbotham Vessels please. Hard to believe Rowbotham managed to sell the Wheelsman she would roll on wet grass !!

18th October 2005, 08:03
Ahoy Steve,

Here you are; (

Geoff DC
25th May 2013, 13:28
A bit late Steve

Have uploaded the issue photo I got when I sailed on her.

I did quite a few Trips as 2nd mate (before & after getting my ticket)

She was always suffering cargo contamination on discharge before I joined, fortunately I'd had an excellent tanker training with Caltex and sorted it on my first trip.

Made me Chris Rowbotham's blue eyed boy and enabled me to get away with a pony tail and beard as a deck officer. (Hippy)

Jan Rog was skipper and Davy Fraser mate, top men and a happy ship.

As carkell said she would roll on wet grass and the variable pitch prop didn't function as it should, so she had to be throttled right back in ballast and heavy weather.