Discharge book

11th October 2017, 13:29
Hi guys where can i find copies of my sea service from 1968- 1973?

Hugh MacLean
11th October 2017, 18:53
Hi Mick,

You should have a CRS 10 at the National Archives Kew (if it has survived) only up to the end of 1972 though which was the date records for the Fifth Register of Seamen ceased to be recorded. Best to be able to visit Kew to check this or get a researcher to obtain on your behalf as can be a bit expensive to obtain online. If you wish to give your surname and initials, I can point you to file reference you need to ask for.

*edit* - I see you have given this info in another thread. The file you need is BT 382/2733 (http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C10990957). I hope this helps.


11th October 2017, 22:45
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