RMS /MV Victoria

14th October 2017, 17:32
Hello all

My name is Thomas i live in Finland.My special interest and the main reason to join Shipsnostalgia is my interest in the RMS/MV Victoria.
Just the idea to build a ship, nock it down ,transport it to Africa and then put it together again is a real undertaking.

I have a page with my memory's from 1965, i have then added travelers stories found on the net, with the permission of these travelers.
Early pictures and stories are rear, but i am sure that there are paper pictures from those days. Oldest for now is 1970, found here on this platform.

The MV Victoria is undergoing a renovation, and i know that in the 80's DANIDA completed the first renovation.Pictures from that renovation would be great.



16th October 2017, 00:51
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer