3rd July 2005, 23:08
I have an Official Admiralty Chart of the positions of all the vessels in the 1953 Spithead Review. Has anybody any ideas how I can convert this to a Digital File and then post it on this site so it can be read as the writing might be illegible on this sites max. file size. At about 50 inches by 30 inches (1270 x 760) for the more modern of our members, it aint easy............pete

david smith
4th July 2005, 08:13
For such a large document scanning would be a nightmare - but possible.
I suggest you photgraph it with a good digital camera at its highest resolution. Look out for glare from lights, especially if it is under glass.

4th July 2005, 13:51
This company seem to be able to do large format scanning:

It could be expensive, but maybe not, they say scanning starts at 15p!

I use Scanned Admiralty Charts in my laptop, when I use it on the boat.
Electronic charts come in two types, Raster, (scanned charts) or Vector, (digital). You would finish up with the rasterised version. Depending on the chart expect a file size between 1 & 6 Mb.

5th July 2005, 09:08
Thanks for all the Information, will bear it all in mind. You're right, ask a question and somebody will come up with an answer...............pete

7th November 2005, 22:07
Hi Pete
Some flatbed scanners (such as the hp scanjet 4670) are capable of being laid on top of large items and scanning in sections.Panorama maker software then connects all the sections to form one picture again.It may be a bit drastic to buy a scanner but i don`t think the prices are to bad nowaday`s.
Hope this may have helped.