Leo Walmsley

11th September 2008, 12:47
A few years ago I heard a short reading on radio 4
describing a visit to Liverpool docks.It recreated the
atmosphere and ambience (of any large dock ) so well ,
from a schoolboys point of view,that I contacted the Beeb and was told the source was;
It was published as part of the BRITAIN IN PICTURES series by William Collins in the 40"s. It is a slim volume of less than 50 pages and has other chapters from other periods .
If you see a copy in a car boot sale or charity shop
I would strongly advise that you to buy it. You will not be disappointed.

Nigel Wing
3rd November 2008, 17:23
Another book by Leo Walmsley which is worth a read is Invisible Cargo, about his experiences as a guest on a Shell Tanker, sailing from Curacao to the UK, published in 1952. It was particularly interesting to me, as I had met the man in hospital in Truro, Cornwall about 1966, I believe he passed away shortly after. He came across as a very well informed and genuine person.
Many of his books are set around the port of Fowey.

4th November 2008, 10:47
He was based in N.Yorkshire, in Robin Hoods Bay, for quite a while as far as I remember.

Tony Crompton
4th November 2008, 11:15
Many of his books were about Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby using the fictional names of "Bramblewick" and "Burnharbour" and fictional characters who were easily recognisable by the locals.

Tony (who grew up in and went to sea from Robin Hoods Bay )