Hello to you all

2nd November 2017, 13:16
I have just joined the site, and would like to say hello to you all, and thanks for welcoming me aboard. I'm retired, ex-army (Royal Engineers) and Live at Harwich UK, I have always had an interest in all things Nautical, living in Harwich, many of my friends are ex-Royal Navy or Merchant Seamen or Fishermen. I found myself here researching HMS Apollo and the incident onboard in 1958, a friend of mine served aboard HMS Apollo some time after the incident, and managed the ship's football team. Thanks again for the welcome...

2nd November 2017, 16:04
Welcome to the forum. Must be hell living within walking distance of the Alma!

2nd November 2017, 18:41
Thanks Bill.B, It is a strain I must admit, however, I spend most of my time sharing a noggin or two with Lord Nelson at "The Trafalgar" (Pint)