19th September 2008, 00:55
I note from my ships voyage list that the Mahanada visited Szczecin which I believe is in Poland On the second voyage of 1959 in July.during my time with brocks I had not heard of one of our ships calling there.Can anyone enlighten me?


uisdean mor
19th September 2008, 22:40
Sorry not in your time frame. Certainly visited Poland on Mahout/Markhor where we loaded steel (railway lines) for Eritrea and South of Sweden for Volvo Trucks for Red Sea ports as well as heaps of general( clothing, cooking oil, stoves etc etc ) This was around 79 I think before Mahout and Markhor were sold.
Uisdean mor

Tony Crompton
20th September 2008, 00:13
"Manaar" went to Szczecin in 1959. I was not on her then but joined later that year in Liverpool as she was being fitted out for the U.S.Gulf car run from London. On the US coast ports we had an armed guard on the gangway because the ship had recently been to a "Commie Port". We never discovered what they were "Guarding" as there were no restrictions on any of the crew and the guards spent most of the time drinking beer in the engineers duty mess!!

Rgds, Tony

20th September 2008, 06:37
I coasted the Mahanada June/July 1959 and I sure we went to Szczecin on that coastal. I was 3rd eng I have been trying to recall others that were on that trip.

Tony Selman
21st September 2008, 16:20
I sailed on Matra as 2R/O deep sea in 64/65 with Captain Maclaren and Keith Forster was CR/O. I can remember Capt. Maclaren telling me that he and Keith had visited Szczecin on Mahanada and had a very rough crossing of the North Sea. I can remember it because there was some debate as to how unusual it was for a Brock's ship to visit Poland. Would that have been the trip?

Derek Roger
21st September 2008, 23:14
Unusual for Brocks to go behind the Iron Curtain . I sailed pretty well everywhere with Brocks and Moss tankers specially when Brocks were on charter to Mitsui and K line but never when to any communist countries ( Much is the pity )

Regards Derek

22nd September 2008, 15:56
Brocks did seem to visit some unusual ports in the late 50's and early 60's.

My three of note were Barcelona (Matra) January 1958; arriving New Year's day in a snow storm!!
Albany, after a fantastic whole day up the Hudson River from New York (Matra) in May ish 1959
Copenhagen (Maipura) in July 1962


29th September 2008, 22:33
I visited Szczecin in 1959 aboard Marwarri my first trip as 5th Engineer, quite a miserable place then, but we had a great time ashore at a nightclub called the Byka(not sure of the spelling). We all ate suckling pigs and the band was high up behind chicken wire. Anybody remember the place.
Unloaded iron ore and ingots from Vizag, it was used to act as ballast when carrying tea, I believe.Jack Evans was the Chief

30th September 2008, 07:55
When I joined "Maskeliya" in April 1961 I'm fairly certain that she had been to Szczecin at some time, prior to my joining her, as I bought the radio off the out-going panch-sahib I was relieving.

Why should his radio have anything to with this enthralling narrative?

Because dear reader (he said, pausing dramatically, before resuming!) The radio had been made in Poland!!!

Now why that should be proof, positive, that "Maskeliya" had been to Szczecin beats me too!! However I'm sure the deep-sea panch-sahib told me that it (the radio) had been bought in Poland by the bloke HE'D relieved!

So can anyone else throw any light on the possibilty of "Maskeliya" having been to Poland around 1961?

The thick plottens!!!! Salaams, Phil(Hippy)

Allan Holmes
12th October 2008, 21:16
Trevor - I was on the Marwarri on that trip in August 59. I was second R/O and if u remember, the cabin was off the saloon so the occupant was often seen by the diners on his way to the shower...

Had a great time in Szczecin, The black market rate of exchange was wonderful.

If my memory serves me well the Old Man was Geoffrey John Kenyon...

Only 49 years ago... Where have they gone ?

Cheers - Allan Holmes

12th October 2008, 22:17
Excuse me, I am an interloper since I was a P&O Deck Officer rather than Brocklebank but we too visited Szczecin (also called Stettin, I think) in 1961. Times were often hard in the late 50's/early 60's - this isn't the first depression we've all seen. P&O modestly advertised that they were "The Lifeline of the Empire" with a map showing their routes to the Far East and to Oz. Meanwhile we were moved off the Oz coast to load frozen piggies in Shanghai for Szczecin in Poland. We wondered just whose empire that was. However, Szczecin was great value - a pint was about 3d (just over 1p new money) provided you changed your hard currency on the Black Market rather than the official way.
Long gone, now I guess most of the Polish workers are over here in the UK paying 2 or 3 a pint into our economy.

13th October 2008, 17:37
Re Jack Evans as Chief on the Marwarri, this must have been just after he left Maihar (I) which was his first as Chief which ended at Tilbury 29/5/1958. He was 2nd on her on his first trip in Brocklebank , he left Harrison when Brocklebank took over their Calcutta run to be able to meet his g.f. in Clacutta!