7th July 2005, 09:42
Happy to be a member in this distinguised company.

Kaj (Flowers)

7th July 2005, 10:16
Welcome aboard Chief, hope you enjoy the site

Ron B Manderson
7th July 2005, 11:09
welcome hope you enjoy the site and friendly banter

Doug Rogers
8th July 2005, 01:41
Welcome aboard, enjoy the site and the people. Suggest you read the thread "Guidelines" to Posting" in either the Members Notice Board or Say Hello Forums which will help you with information on postings.

8th July 2005, 07:06
for a minute i thought he said disguised company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!welcome aboard she,s a great ship and crew....backsplice (Thumb)

8th July 2005, 11:02
Welcome aboard, Kaj. Enjoy the site, we look forward to your contributions.