Ss Delcroy

Steve Farrow
1st October 2008, 12:46
I am searching for a photograph of a British merchant ship called the DALCROY, built by Scotts of Greenock Yard No 545 fro the United Steam Navigation Co Ltd (Campbell Bros). She was launched on 30/1/1930 and lost on 2/11/1942 sunk by u-402 on convoy SC-107 bound for the Tyne from St. John NB. Any assistance would be much appreciated!


ian d.cameron
1st October 2008, 20:47
Hi Steve, hope this helps

2nd October 2008, 00:10
Between 04.10 and 04.13 hours on 2 Nov, 1942, U-402 fired torpedoes at the convoy SC-107 about 500 miles east of Belle Isle and reported three ships sunk. One hit was observed on a Geraldine Mary type vessel in station #11 of the convoy, but this was possibly a detonation near the ship, while the other torpedoes hit the Dalcroy and Rinos.

The master, 40 crew members and eight gunners from the Dalcroy (Master John Phillip Johnson) were picked up by the British rescue ship Stockport (Master Thomas Ernest Fea OBE) and landed at Reykjavik on 8 November.

Steve Farrow
2nd October 2008, 16:52
Many thanks to you both, it was the first ship of an elderly gent who was a pal of a good friend of mine....he will be delighted!