Captain Donald Jack - Reardon Smith

Captain Jack (Jnr!)
1st October 2008, 13:37
Hello. As a new joiner here i don't know if this is the best thread to join in on or not...but it is the longest on Reardon Smiths.
My dad was Donald Jack - former Captain and collegue to some of the names i recognise here. My Mum's dad was Captain Passmore (who i have seen mentioned). I also believe my dad's dad was with Reardon Smith's? I actually found this site by mistake - i was looking for the name of the ship involved in a legal case in 1976! (which if anyone knows the name would be useful - Reardon Smith v Yngvar Hansen-Tangen...the ship was built in the wrong shipyard in Osaka or something!)

It would be nice to hear from anyone.

K urgess
1st October 2008, 13:42
Welcome aboard.
I've moved your post into a new thread for a possibly better response.
I'm sure there will be some crew who remember your father.
Meanwhile explore the ship, join in and enjoy the voyage.

1st October 2008, 14:39
Capt. Jack(Jnr) I presume you are Alistair? Just viewed your posting and pleased to have contact. My name is John Cann and I was a collegue of your Dad whom I knew very well. I also knew your grandfather, Capt Passmore . Being of Appledore descent, both myself and wife have visited your Mum at Braunton on any occasion we were down that way. Sadly, we also attended your Dads funeral at Barnstaple. Your father was a well respected Master in Smiths and popular with all who sailed with him. I'm sure your mother will know who I am when next you speak.
With regard to the vessel you are investigating, I too have some recollection through viewing the Reardon Smith website, There is extensive coverage - but it sticks with me that it was to do with the vessel being built in Japan in a different shipyard from that claimed. Anyway, good luck with your research. Was there any specific reason for your intrest in this?
Kind regards

1st October 2008, 16:26
Greetings CJ (jnr) and a warm welcome to SN. As you see answers soon come forth on this site, no doubt your other query will soon be answered. Bon voyage.

2nd October 2008, 09:06
Hello capt. Jack Junior

Had the pleasure of sailing with your father in 1975 on the "Indian City" as Third Mate and as John Cann says he was a well respected Master, my recollection of him was firm but fair, which is all you can ask for from a Master.

The legal case you mention concerns two tankers Reardon Smiths had built for them by Sanko Tankers for long term ime charter, when ordered the freight rates in the tanker business were sky high, VLCC's were being paid for in one loaded voyage, of course Reardon Smiths weren't the only company to see this and there was a splurge of ordering, and all the yards were full. So the yard which Sanko contracted to build the ship's (one was the Diana Prosperity or something like that) subcontracted the build to another yard. Anyway they were horrendously late on delivery the bottom had fallen out of the market and the earnings which Reardon Smiths could look forward to did not cover the charter rate. So off they when to court to get the charter repudiated, their case revolved around the fact the charter party didn't name the ships but gave the yard and the builders number. As the ships weren't built at the nominated yard or had the nominated builders number then they weren't the ships described in the time charter party. This went all the way to the House of Lords where Reardon Smiths lost the case, I think the judges came to the conclusion though they weren't built in the yard nominated in the charter party they were built to plans drawn up the nominated yard and to all intents and purposes were the same product as if they had been built in the nominated yard also the yard had been prudent in employing another yard to build them, and the fact that yard couldn't deliver on time was outside their control, therefore reardon Smiths must take them on charter as agreed, the rest is history as they say


Captain Jack (Jnr!)
2nd October 2008, 17:58
Hello. Thank you for your replies. Yes, it is Alastair here.

John - i do recognise your name as one of a few regually mentioned (all good i assure you!) and am sure i met you at the funeral.

I not much of a sailor i'm afraid, but have become nostalgic recently and realised that I and my sisters do not really know an awful lot about my Dad and his time at sea. At the time of his passing i was just at the age where i would have started to be more interested in hearing tales. Anyway, i am now a Buyer and am studying contract law - hence when this case in law was given as an example i was able to chirp up!! The date of 1976 then struck a chord, as i was born early 1977....enough said there i think!

I will tell my Mum about the site (but don't expect her to log on!!) - any stories or memories i can recount to her would be hugley appreciated - in turn i will see what info we have stored in Braunton that might be of use or interest to others. I know Dad had lots of photos.

Best wishes to all - Alastair.
(P.S. Only Cap. Passmore was in fact with Smiths, the other was at sea but with another firm. My cousin David was with Smiths for a time though).

4th October 2008, 08:33
Alistair- Tks for your reply. I know that whenever we visited Braunton, your Dad would take up to his "office" which resembled a Reardon Smith museum!! I seem to recall he had bought a sailing boat. This cousin whom you say was with RSL for a while. What was his name and what rank did he hold?
Kind regards