A Few West Coast Puffers

8th July 2005, 18:02
Here are some of the puffers that used to sail around the west coast of Scotland.

M.V. Glenfyne - Glenlight Shipping Co. My Father was the Skipper.
VIC 56 - On route to The Western Isles
M.V Kyles taken at Scottish Maritime Museum at Irvine.

8th July 2005, 23:32
Nice pics. The last one of Kyles was not take at Irvine though, it's at the Braehead pontoon the Clyde, the building in the background being Braehead shopping centre, and the craft nudging into the left is the 'Pride of the Clyde' the Clyde waterbus that runs from Braehead into the city centre.

9th July 2005, 01:49
Great photos Revgd1 of lovely little vessels I bet your father told you some interesting tales from his days on them

9th July 2005, 02:11
In the 50s I remember a vessel at Sunderland owned by the River Wear Commissioners named Baylight. It looked so clearly like a former Clyde puffer. Does anyone know its history - or indeed its role on the Wear??
Cheers, Geoff

9th July 2005, 12:29
My father was the skipper of this vessel when Ardyne was commissioned to make legs for the north sea oil rigs.

I have sailed on this vessel back and forth to Ardyne.

The black and white picture is taken as she is tied up at the Albert Peir at Rothesay. it is around the middle 70's

The colour picture is taken as she is leaving rothesay harbour bound for Ardyne.