6th October 2008, 16:17
Hi, I have just joined. I'm researching any seagoing vessels, past or present, with the name 'Woldingham'. So far I have located three (HMS Woldingham, SS Woldingham and Woldingham Hill) but have little info on them and wonder if there are any more such vessels. Can anyone help?? (I have seen the picture of 'Woldingham Hill' in the archive and have a little info on it but not much). Also would appreciate any advice on finding out about individual vessels. Many thanks.

Bruce Carson
6th October 2008, 16:37
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Steve Woodward
6th October 2008, 16:46
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HMS Woldingham, IMS78 later M2778, was a member of the 93 'Ham' class motor mineswepers - all named after British villages with names ending in Ham. to the best of my knowledge Woldingham, built in 1955, still exists as a private yacht, she was sold out of the RN in 1996.
Innitially the class were all 107'06" long but the final ships were 1 foot shorter, beam 22'00" Draft 5'09" Disp 120 tons standard and 165 full load
Machinery : Wooden hull aluminium framing, twin screw, twin Paxman 12YHAXM Diesel engines 550 bhp (each) 14 knots
Armament : one 40mm Bofors gun or a single 20mm Oerlikon mounted fwds
Crew 15 men - we have quite a few Grey funnel line men who have been on thiese handsome but far from comfortable little ships and an internet search shoulrd reveal there class association with more info

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6th October 2008, 17:30
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6th October 2008, 17:34
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Details of the two non military Woldinghams at Miramar -
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