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8th October 2008, 20:49
Hi there,
Fistly I'm not a ship or navy enthusiast I am trying to research my family tree but have drawn a blank in reference to information about a ship/boat. I have googled but had no look so thought I would try asking some experts.

My grandad joined the Navy in about 1939. My mum is now getting quite old and she thinks the ship was called either Alfa or Alka or something like that and it was either a mine sweeper or mine layer.

Any help would be really appreciated so thankyou in advance.

Bruce Carson
8th October 2008, 20:59
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bert thompson
8th October 2008, 21:15
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8th October 2008, 21:40

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8th October 2008, 22:19
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9th October 2008, 01:00
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9th October 2008, 03:24
Welcome to the board. Have a look at this link, ( hope it helps. As someone who has spent years tracing the family tree I can appreciate how difficult and frustrating it is, good luck.

Edit: Also try this link. Same website but closer to what I think you're looking for. (

9th October 2008, 05:22
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9th October 2008, 06:59
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Steve Woodward
9th October 2008, 16:36
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I cannot find any reference to Alfa of Alka but amongst mine sweepers do the following tick any boxes
Algerine class : Alarm, Alert or Albacore
Bathurst class : Ararat
Minelayers : Abdiel, Ariadne, Adventure Ariel Amphitrite

Although these are longer name they are begining with A and all were involved with mines

9th October 2008, 19:26
Hi guys,
thankyou for the very nice welcome.

I have managed to find the ship in question and now have a photo of it.

It was the SS Alca.

Can you explain to me whether this means it was a Royal Naval Ship or Merchant Navy Ship, What does SS stand for or anything else that may be of interest to me.

As usual

Thanks in advance