9th April 2004, 10:51

3rd October 2004, 19:09
I went to Southampton in 1980 to photograph her maiden arrival from conversion in Germany.She was still recognisable then as FRANCE and remained so for a number of years until the addition of the extra deck which did nothing for her appearance.
Sadly out of service now following a boiler explosion.Future is doubtful.

6th August 2005, 06:04
Does anyone know where the NORWAY is? The last post about her was on Marimtime Matters on 28 June. She was in Capetown, but hasnt been heard from since. Would the tow across the indian Ocean take over a month to Port Kelang? Any new infor would be great... Croix

12th August 2005, 09:54
According to Maritime Matters, Norway arrived under tow at Port Klang, Malaysia on 10 August. Maybe there will be work Done on her after all.

15th August 2005, 09:17
Gosh I hope so - It would break my heart if she went to the Breakers.

15th August 2005, 09:20
I'll be up that way shortly. Will do my best to locate her and get some photos.

Galley Boy
16th August 2005, 22:00
Nice photo of her on back cover of this months Ships Monthly,taken July 2 outside Cape Town

fred henderson
16th August 2005, 22:25
I'll be up that way shortly. Will do my best to locate her and get some photos.

You may have a problem taking a photo of anything in the smog. Please take a face mask.


Bruce Carson
16th August 2005, 23:18
Another maritime group to which I belong reported recent rumors from Port Klang that a number of Indian scrap merchants have been onboard inspecting the ship.
Apparently, the turbines are not in an operable condition.

Bruce C.

17th August 2005, 09:54
You may have a problem taking a photo of anything in the smog. Please take a face mask.

Oh dear. Is it the year for the Indonesian bush fires?

Doug Rogers
17th August 2005, 10:45
They have apparently been very serious the last weeks, normally caused by clearing of the undergrowth and tree felling and subsequent ignition of coal seams close to the surface. Apparently caused real problems in parts of Malaysia with severe health warnings being issued for large areas.
Hopefully by the time you leave they will have abated somewhat, we have experienced the same in Singapore a few times now, not pleasant at all.

fred henderson
17th August 2005, 11:24
Oh dear. Is it the year for the Indonesian bush fires?

Yes, the worst ever and Port Klang is one of the worst areas. They had a ship run aground the other day. The smog is too thick to navigate in safety. They do not expect much improvement until the monsoons come.


17th August 2005, 11:40
What no Radar ? airport also closed for short time.

17th August 2005, 15:18
Here the NORWAY taken in 1984,leaving IJmuiden. (

17th August 2005, 22:38
Picture of the Norway under tow off Capetown on the 2/7/2005. Her tug is the Chinese tug 'De Da' (3917/79). Latest reports indicate she may still pass to Indian ship breakers or possibly end up as a exibition ship, tourist attraction or floating hotel. I would prefer to see her scrapped than the latter. I visited the 'Oriana' in Shanghai and she was a sad, sad sight.

Peter (marlinspike)

18th August 2005, 13:22
I did hear that the Norway was heading to Singapore and being turned into a floating hotel and casino.
Cheers,Ray (ramone)

Alan Hill
18th August 2005, 20:33
Per my Summer 2005 issue of Steamboat Bill of the Steamship Historical Society of America they indicate that Star Cruises will be having NORWAY towed to Port Klang in the near future ..."and intends to utilize the ship in a new venture, details of which will remain undisclosed for the time being" (NCL/STAR). Earlier she was supposed to go to Singapore for use as a floating hotel. So who knows what will happen. She's in that area of the world where they scrap vessels so fingers crossed. Alan Hill Bridgeport, Pa. USA

24th August 2005, 10:35
Currently, NORWAY is anchored off Port Klang with her turbines still dismantled. Rumours abound regarding her future, but as Bruce said above she has been inspected by Indian scrap merchants and the latest rumour says she may go to Goa in India within a few weeks.
I remain hopeful that she'll stay put just a wee bit longer...........

27th August 2005, 16:51
sadly looking at the cost for new turbines for her and what she is worth scrap value NCL are looking now to sell her to scrap its a big choice player now

it may still go the other way hopefuly

8th October 2005, 03:46
NORWAY still lies at anchor off Port Klang. We passed her quite close inbound to Port Klang on 22 September. Unfortunately, my camera decided it didn't like the humidity and packed a sad until we were too far past to get a decent photo. Friends of ours travelling with us were however able to get a photo so there should be one coming shortly. The NCL logo has gone from her funnels which are now painted black.
Passed her again outbound the same evening and was surprised to see that she was ablaze with lights from stem to stern.

david smith
11th October 2005, 13:24
Unconfirmed reports are coming through that the Norway has left the NCL fleet, and has been sold for scrap due to leave Port Kelang on 20th October 2005 for Goa

Paul UK
11th October 2005, 15:33
Very Sad sounds like the end of the line, only good point in my view is that she wont hang around and get worse and worse like the old Oriana.


12th October 2005, 13:18
Norway has left the NCL fleet, she has been taken over by NCLs parent, Star Cruises. The scrap rumour still has to be substantiated. There is no evidence yet that a demolition purchase has been secured. It is very lean times for Indian breakers at the moment and a vessel, such as the Norway, with a high LDT would be big news in the demolition market should it be true. However, there is nothing eminating from India at present.


29th November 2005, 18:02

Here her latest news at:
Click on Shipping News

4th December 2005, 01:33
ss Norway is still lying at anchor off Port Klang, Malaysia - home port for Star Cruises - awaiting disposal. I was on board Star Cruises Superstar Virgo cruise and we passed close by her at night ablaze with lights on 22Sept 2005-( see photo in my photo gallery)

28th December 2005, 13:24


David Wilcockson
28th December 2005, 22:39
Hi Ruud,
Sad news indeed, but not unexpected I`m sure, didn`t tow her all that way to spend on her, only to sell! The Bean Counters have won again.

29th December 2005, 01:39
Latest News from Maritime Matters dated 28Dec05 that Norway was inspected by both Indian and Bangladesh breakers on 11/12Dec 2005 and the Bangladesh breakers won the bid and she will soon be moved to the beach at Chittagong for breaking up. Very sad ending for such a fine liner but so many classic liners have ended their days at the breakers in 2005

David Wilcockson
15th January 2006, 21:17
Is there any futher news on the Norway, as to dates she will arrive at the cutters beach, or where she is now??