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Brian Crichton
10th October 2008, 12:54
(Cloud) First off Hi nice to meet you.

I am the son of Colin Crichton, who was the Leading Wireman on the British Yard Minesweeper BYMS 72, when she was attacked by a Dornier bomber that launched a Henschel HS 293 Flying Bomb hitting her an the Port side Directly below the Oerlicon gun platform.
The 72 after landing the dead and wounded on the Greek Island of leros and still badly damaged the ship headed for repairs in a safe harbour, only to be attacked again this time by E Boats at close Quarters.
I have more information than I need on this part of his life at sea, but have come up against a brick wall when trying to find his first ship, I have my Fathers Certificate of service and after training the first ship mentioned is NEMO the base and what looks like the name Strive from 23 Mar 41 until the 27 May 41, if anyone has information on the BYMS 72 or served on her I would love to hear from you.
If anyone would like to know more of the 72 i would be happy to oblige.
unfortunately my Father passed over the bar April 2006.

K urgess
10th October 2008, 13:15
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bert thompson
10th October 2008, 16:10
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Steve Woodward
10th October 2008, 17:33
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Im sure you will know, but for the benefit of others, HMS Nemo was a air-sea rescue unit based at Brightlingsea off the river Colne in Essex it's C/O for most of the war was Captn J.P. Landon (1942-5) who took over from a Captain CC Bell.
I can find no immediate reference to HMS Strive so she was not a normal warship, Nemo used a mixed bag of fast rescue launches and a collection of trawlers, there was a trawler called Strive requisitioned by the admiralty in WW2 and used as a minesweeper until 1945 when she returned to her civilian role

I think you may have tried this route but most trawlers were operated by the Royal naval patrol Service
They may be able to help, unfortunately I have no further info on the Strive but some of our members will - perhaps you could start a new thread looking for her - best of luck

Bruce Carson
10th October 2008, 17:43
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10th October 2008, 19:47
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10th October 2008, 22:10

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10th October 2008, 23:37
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11th October 2008, 01:31
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11th October 2008, 10:52
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