HMS Redoubtable

12th October 2008, 10:57
can anyone give me information on this ship, my grandfather was chief stoker on her, i have looked in books, no mention of her. my father was born in 1918 so i think she was around in the first world war, or before thanks

12th October 2008, 11:58
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12th October 2008, 13:31
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12th October 2008, 16:11
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12th October 2008, 17:23
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Possibly the 1892 built pre-dreadnought battleship HMS Revenge. She was laid up in 1913 before serving as a bombarding ship based at Dover from August 1914 until October 1915, when she was again laid up, this time at Portsmouth before finally being sold for scrap in 1919.
In 1915 her name was changed from Revenge to Redoubtable in order that the name Revenge could be given to the newly built Royal Sovereign class battleship.

12th October 2008, 17:27
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Steve Woodward
12th October 2008, 18:00
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Redoubtable only existed as a ship for just 4 years from 1914, prior to that the had been a member of the Royal Sovereign class of Pre-Dreadnought battleships and was called the Revenge. With a new class of battleships being built - the Revenge class - initially this ship was to be the Renown but in 1913 she was renamed Revenge so on the 02nd August 1914 The old revenge was renamed Redoutable, this is perhaps why you have not found out very much about her.

Your Grandfathers old ship was one of a class of Seven battleships of the Royal Sovereign class, this comprised the R.S., Ramillies, Repulse, Resolution, Revenge, Royal Oak and the Empress of India ( originally to be the Renown.
Revenge / Redoutable was built by Palmers Shipyard at Jarrow on the tyne being laid down on the 12th February 1891, launched on the 03rd Nove 1892 and commissioned in March 1894
L 410'06" B 75'00" Draft 27'06" Disp 14,150 tons standard and 15,580 tons full load
Machinery : twin screw, 3 cylinder triple expansion steam engines, eight scotch type boilers, 9,000 ihp and 15.5 knots on natural draft and 11,000 ihp and 16.5 knots on forced draught.
Armament : four 13.5" C30 Mk 2 or 3 guns in two twin open barbette mountings - the high freeboard of this class meant that the guns could not be mounted in a protected turret for stability reasons so the gunners were entirely unprotected, these guns fired a shell of approx 1250lb to a range of about 6 miles using about 600lbs of a propelllant called SBC - Slow Burning Cocoa powder, a modern form of black gunpowder which look like brown cocoa.
Secondary weapons were ten 6" guns in single mounts, sixteen 6-pounder quick firers, and twelve 3 pounder QF guns, the class also carried seven 18" torpedo tubes, five single above water units and two submerged type. Crew 700-720
Armour : quite good for the time The main belt protecting the magazines and machinery some 252 feet long and nine feet deep was 18" thick amidships and tapering to 14" at it's ends. above this was a lighter belt 4" thick, closing the belt off ( or armoured citadel) was a bulkhead 16" thick forwards and 14" aft, Decks 3" tapering to 2.5", the main gun barbettes were 17" thick above decks and 11" below, and the casemates protecting the 6" guns were 6" thick and finally the control tower was of 14",
As the Redoubtable the old ship had a quiet life, her last action was the bombardment of Ostende, the old ship was in poor condition at this time and to give her old guns sufficient range to hit the town from her offshore anchorage she was given a list by filling her anti-torpedo bulges on one side of the ship thus technically increasing the guns elevation and range.
Following this she went into a refit in late 1915 but did not return to active service instead she served as an accomodation ship at Portsmouth until february 1919 when as the sole survivor of her class she was placed on the disposal list and sold for scrap in December.
Do a google search on Revenge and look for the 1892 ship - if you cannot find an image send me a PM and I will email you one which for copywrite reasons I cannot post


12th October 2008, 18:24
cheers 4 the info steve

13th October 2008, 09:43
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4th April 2009, 08:26
can anyone tell me how to get my grandfathers naval record, he was on H.M.S Redoubtouble formerly Revenge in 1918.