Cunard Ship Logos of various Queens??

marty 552
26th October 2008, 03:21
Can anyone help with advising the font type used for the ship logos of the old Lizzie and Mary as well as the QE2 QM2 and QV.
In the Cunard travel brochures QE2 has a different font Q to the QM2.

The reason for this request is to have a tattoo (my first) done as a 50th present from my wife.

Tattoo format requiring the correct and individual styles is:

QE QM QE2 QM2 QV (across upper right arm )

I know that the M and V of the QM2 and QV are inserted inside the letter Q.

Cheers , Marty 552

26th October 2008, 23:17
I had a look for you Marty, it seems that it's Gill Sans. Here's the link to the info.

Hope it helps

marty 552
10th November 2008, 21:26
Thanks LizzieNo1,
Your PM promoted me to google website with Find a Font.
Have posted photo in members faces of tattoo