Heavy Lift Vessel loses cargo

31st October 2008, 22:17
A heavy lift ship, the HEAVYLIFT ANCORA which is owned by OHL, Ocean HeavyLift ASA. lost its cargo, a liftboat KS TITAN 1, in the North Atlantic during last Monday night. HEAVYLIFT ANCORA's main engine stopped and excessive rolling in the rough weather caused the KS TITAN 1 to slide off into the sea where it apparantly capsized and is understood to have sunk.

It is belived KS TITAN 1 was being delivered to Liverpool from where it was to be used to install wind turbines off Rhyl. No crew were injured and a few hours later the HeavyLift Ancora managed to start its engines again.


non descript
31st October 2008, 22:24
Given our good friend Gdynia's interest in all such things, I suspect he will have more than a few words on the subject ... we all know the frustration of waiting for a bus that never comes, I guess he was possibly waiting for this barge to turn up, only to find it tip its precious cargo into the sea just as it came over the horizon ... somewhat akin to the long awaited bus arriving only to fall on its side as it hoves into view...(EEK)

17th December 2008, 20:21
Owners of the jackup are supplying a sister vessel to carryout the contract. I suspect they will not be using an OHL vessel to move it from the far east.

17th December 2008, 22:17
What is more interesting is that the owners of the cargo have had the "Heavylift Ancora" arrested in the US!