Ocean Village 1/2

Paul UK
1st November 2008, 18:08
Hi Everybody

Heard on BBC news that carnival are sending both Ocean Village ships to Australia at the end of 2009.

Anyone know if this is the end of Ocean Village as a brand and are both joining P & O Australia !!!


2nd November 2008, 11:17
Both vessels being deployed to OZ, "where people are more enthusiastic by not cruising" 1st ship will transfer to P&O Cruises Australia in time for Xmas 2009 and the 2nd one will transfer a year later.

3rd November 2008, 00:11
As a Pom living in Aussie I am not sure how they are going to fill these ships but what do I know! Traditionally, most cruises offered down here have been of the cheap and cheerful variety - the old Fairstar etc. Time will tell!

10th November 2008, 06:02
I understand the first of them will be renamed Pacific Jewel to join Pacific Dawn. P&O Oz says that Pacific Sun will be redeployed to operate out of Perth for part of the year, one of the Ocean Village ships will call Brisbane home and the other will be based in Auckland.

Paul UK
10th November 2008, 09:42
Interesting that carnival are now targeting Aus with better ships, as I thought Ocean Villiage was a successfull brand.


10th November 2008, 11:15
See my post from other thread.
Maybe now that Celebrity have pulled Aus-NZ from their list, Carnival see a market.
Maybe they're hoping for more local passengers and getting out of cruises that have flights included.

11th November 2008, 02:39
By home-porting in Brisbane, they can shave two days off the time it takes to get to the Barrier Reef or Vanuatu, so they can offer shorter duration cruises to thse destinations.

Likewise with Auckland they can get to Fiji or Samoa on a 9 or 10 night cruise instead of a 13 or 14 nighter from Sydney

A lot of Kiwis travelled across the Tasman to join in Sydney before Auckland came on the scene.

fred henderson
11th November 2008, 12:57
The most likely reason for the change is that in 2007 Ocean Village averaged 90% occupancy, while P&O Cruises Australia achieved 119%. Carnival is switching ships to meet demand.

In case those figures seem strange to some Members, I should explain that the cruise industry bases occupancy ratios on two passengers per cabin. It is therefore possible to score more than 100%. The occupancy ratio for the entire Carnival group was 105.6% for 2007.


Chris Isaac
11th November 2008, 13:47
In Union Castle female passengers were encouraged to share with the officers, thereby increasing this %age occupancy even further!
[=P] [=P]

18th November 2008, 19:28
I heard that the Ocean Village brand was going. "The cruise for people who don't do cruises". Stay in a hotel, then.

john g
30th November 2008, 18:53
I sailed (as a passenger) on the then Arcadia , then tried her out as Ocean Village in the medy and the caribbean, these were early day of the Village and I must say my wife and I were impressed by the easy going eat anytime set up, ok you had mugs not cups and saucers, the food was excellent but buffet style, the pay extra restaurant was superb. Judging by the ads for the Villages with crazy low prices the standards must have dropped and the word has got out. On recent cruises on P&O the Villages were frowned on , but you could expect that from the older generation .
In Antigua we on the Village one were berthed along side Oceana and I have to admit the Oceana stood out with her high standards of finish and crew appearance. Sending these vessels downunder is probably a good move as the set up is perfect for the wonderful free living atitude of Australia

5th December 2008, 16:45
Captain Ian Hutley is joining Ocean Village 1 in the New Year.


john g
18th December 2008, 21:51
Has anyone experienced the Ocean Village village in the last 12 months ? I see P&O are building another "Butlin carrier" in Italy due in service soon. Carnival must have a hand in this miss guided approach to the UK market or perhapes they see the forthcoming euro as the new dollar.

Terry Willcox
4th May 2009, 15:31
Is this S.O.L.A.S. ( I think that I have got it right ) law coming in at the begining of 2010 mean that all ships with wooden decks and any think that could be a fire hazard, are going to be scrapped???? I would like some information on it, as I have a love for the old true ships, not Hotels on a barge. Take care........Terry

Jeff Taylor
4th May 2009, 21:57
Wood structures and paneling yes, teak deck surfaces on steel decking no--that's not a violation of SOLAS '10.

Terry Willcox
5th May 2009, 14:58
Thanks Jeff, that has put my mind at rest, just a bit worried as we do a lot of cruises on the Tomson Spirit and that has lovely wooden decks. Take care....Terry.